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We work hard to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. It is our prerogative to leave this planet better than how we found it. Our manufacturing partners make products on-demand, only once you place an order, so there are no warehouses full of unsold Not Enough Merch products and almost all of the manufacturing partners we work with are in North America, as close to you as possible. 

Manufacturing products after you place an order serves the following purposes:

1. It reduces our carbon footprint by a tremendous amount because we don't unnecessarily run our manufacturing facilities and use energy up, only to store large amounts of inventory which in turn will consume more energy. 

2. Waste Reduction - Most companies will manufacture thousands of items at once and if they're unsold, they either go to a landfill or are incinerated. We do not believe in adding that kind of pressure on the environment. 

3. Special attention to quality - Due to the systems we have in place for manufacturing your products, we pay the utmost attention to quality. Every item is checked and re-checked before it gets shipped out to you. 

If we didn’t take these steps, our footprint would be at least four times greater. That isn't good for you, us or our future generations. 

Not just that, at Not Enough Merch, we have set ourselves a target of being a Carbon Negative company by the year 2030. We're taking several steps to ensure we reach our goal before January 1st, 2030. Keep watching this space as we keep updating our progress on this front. 

Happy Shopping!